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December 4, 2012
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SC: Haru Ochida (App Ver.1) by Rienu SC: Haru Ochida (App Ver.1) by Rienu

:star: 4/24/13: Revamped! * 7 *
Student Council President has arrived :iconehesmileplz:

Name: Haru Ochida

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Year: Third

Position: Student Council President

Division: Chaser

►Haru uses his phone to view & track down Remnants. Because he carries his phone wherever he goes, it's easy for him to use. When guiding others, he speaks with a loud clear voice & tries to keep up with others despite his minimal stamina.
Support Ability: [Encirclement] Upon the call of his support ability, a ring is created from his energy and binds Remnants together or stops a single one from doing anything, almost like a rope tying people together. This makes it easier for others to kill a group of Remnants in one place. As the ring is created from his own energy, he's only able to create it 3 times max when he's had a good night's sleep. If he's tired, he may not be able to create one at all.

Club/Sport: Homework Club

Personaility: Haru's a hardworker that strives for perfection while trying to learn & improve anything he can. He's strict and serious with his work load & tries to come off as leader-like. He builds a wall between himself and others which makes it hard to get close to him, though he does have more of a soft side towards those he likes. He gets easily flustered & tries his best to keep his composure. At times, he'll feel like he's lonely but covers that up with work. he's a tsun

+Being student council president
+Fellow hardworking students
+Coffee with sugar & cream
+Red clothing
+Being praised
+Staying organized
-Loud noises
-Arrogant people

Biography: Haru grew up in Tokyo where he lived with his mother and father. Though being a only child, Haru had a rather happy childhood. He would always look up to his father whose occupation is a doctor while his mother is a nurse. Haru's parents decided to move to Asteri Island when Haru turned 7, to take advantages of Star Crown Cellphones and used them to effectively help with their jobs. While Haru began Middle School, he began to take Speech classes and took part in school debates.

When Haru received his phone at the age of 10, he was so astonished by what they could do; he would play with the lights in his room, TV, and computer. His parents quickly realized that there was a star in the place of where his asterisk button should be. They took his phone to the nearest Phone shop, but there was nothing wrong with it. When they pressed the button, a normal asterisk would come out. His parents didn't think too much of it and let it be.

Haru started to grow distant from his parents and learned to become a strong and independent person by the time he graduated from middle school. The summer before his first year in high school, his parents were contacted via phone that Haru was invited to enroll into SC High. His parents knew what great academic history the school had and allowed him to attend. Unfortunately, his parents didn't seem as sad as he thought they would be since he'd be living away from home, he wondered if they really had grown too apart. It wasn't before long when he figured out his powers, and everything unraveled from there.

Quote: "Don't get carried away!"

Jayce D'Amour- Met him during Jayce's freshman year. Haru thinks of him as someone who works hard although he may be childish at times. Haru seems to have affections for him although he doesn't like to show them.
Miya Narumi- Haru is annoyed by her 99% of the time and is first on his most wanted list.
Momoka Konhana- Haru argues with her often as they don't see eye to eye most of the time. She is second on his most wanted list.
Rio Okamura- Haru used to think she was just a desperate girl who wanted a boyfriend until he got to know her more. He now thinks she's brave for being the kind of person who purposely acts crazy just to make other's smile.
Beatrix Rivers- Haru thinks she's alright as a person, though when he saw her angry...his impression of her changed a bit. He was taken back when she had told him he needs better threats against students.
Kenji Hayashi- Haru always sees Kenji in pitiful situations which makes him think Kenji is a very unlucky guy.

Voice: [link]

-He carries around a clipboard at times when he wants to feel more like a student council president.
-His phone is always locked unless he's the one using it.
-His parents don't know the past & darkness within the island, nor his powers.
-He often has awkward conversations with his parents over the phone.
-He is 173cm tall.
-His birthdate is August 8th.
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rubierubieee Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013   Digital Artist
sobs rie
i just thought of something
i know how bad haru is when he has to cheer up crying girls
so i thought of momo giving him lessons
and she would have been like this
"You have to do this...//takes a breath and sighs// ...YOU BETTER SUCK IT UP CAUSE CRYING ISN'T GOING TO GET YOU ANY WHERE YOU LITTLE PUNK--SO MAKE THOSE TEARS GET BACK INTO YOU AND SMILE LIKE A MAN. //turns to Haru and smiles~// :iconsawakosmileplz:"

Rienu Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
t-that's so random LOL I don't think haru would take that advice :iconomgcryplz:
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