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SR: Hae Jin by Rienu SR: Hae Jin by Rienu
Thank you for the invite!! * 0 */// aaaaaaaaaa last minute eekkk

◈ N A M E - Yoo Hae Jin
◈ A G E - 17
◈ G E N D E R - Male
◈ H E I G H T - 5'8"/179cm
◈ L O C A T I O N - Neverwood Forest
◈ H P - 50
◈ R E L A T I O N S H I P S - [ ] [ ] [ ]

◈ S T R E N G T H S -
√ Sharp reflexes
√ Athletic
√ Dexterous
√ Intelligent
√ Reliable

◈ W E A K N E S S E S -
× Reckless
× Easily annoyed
× Competitive
× Stubborn
× Harsh

◈ P E R S O N A L I T Y - Realistic | Straightforward | Grumpy | Responsible | Good Sport | Strong-Willed

In his point of view, Hae Jin has a very realistic way of looking at the world. He isn't imaginative, creative, or a day dreamer of any sort. He likes to view things only at a reasonable perspective in which they actually might have a chance of coming true or happening. He's very straightforward with his words as people who beat around the bush simply piss him off; often using harsh language without a care. Most of the time, he's seen in a grumpy mood with furrowed eyebrows, mainly because of his history. He doesn't smile or laugh often, only to those whom he's gained a great trust in. Though he's ill-tempered, he is actually very responsible with the way he cares for others as well as the meanings behind his actions. If he makes a promise, he'll try his hardest to keep that promise. If he says he'll do something, he'll try his absolute best to keep his word. Despite his angry expressions and words, he has a good heart though doesn't wear it on his chest; one must become close to him in order for him to show his nicer side. Though he's very competitive, he's a good sport and shows good sportsmanship whether he loses or wins. He believes whining over losing is pathetic, and that one should simply work harder if they want to win. Because of this, he's very strong-willed and tries his hardest despite what others think or say. He dislikes dwelling on things so in turn, he's very determined.

◈ L I K E S -
√ Running
√ Piercings
√ Open fields
√ Instrumental music

◈ D I S L I K E S -
× Bullies
× Migraines
× Obnoxious people
× Sore losers

◈ H I S T O R Y -
Hae Jin grew up as an only child, both parents being ordinary office workers who are recognized as workaholics from Hae Jin's perspective. Both his parents prioritized work over anything else due to the poor financial status of their family. Hae Jin always understood knowing that they had to move to the expensive Gangnam District of Seoul, South Korea, for his education. Despite his appearance, he is actually very intelligent which led him to enter one of the most prestigious high schools in South Korea. Though the education level was high, most kids that attended the high school were from high status and rich families.

In his first year of high school, it was easily recognized that he was the "poor kid". Everyone had the newest cellphones, newest shoes and newest accessories, while he lived off what he had. This never bothered him though, he was never one that particularly cared about what others thought about him or what they judged him as. Though because of this, he was a loner for the first and second year of high school, kids picking on him time to time. Other students never stood up for him, they didn't want to get involved or risk getting involved. He held his anger in. He knew he couldn't do anything that would risk him being expelled or suspended; he had to get great grades, go to a great university so he could get a great job that would pay the bills. So that his parents wouldn't have to work so hard for him anymore.

But at the beginning of his 3rd year, a clique of boys from his school ganged up on him while he was running a night errand, making fun of how small and run down his apartment would be. They criticized his parents for his poor background, which led to him taking a swing at a guy, landing one cleanly on the side of his face. He initiated the fight. The remaining guys started punching and kicking him, Hae Jin dodging and trying to avoid their attacks while attacking them himself. But it wasn't enough. It was 5 against 1, the odds were against him. With a bloody lip and bruised arms and legs, he had no other choice but to make a run for it. He knew what he did. He knew that the others kids weren't going to stay quiet about this to the school. He knew he took the first punch and that this was brought upon himself. He hated himself for running away and allowing them to say what they did about him and his family. But being the realist he is, he knew there was no way he could take them all on his own.

Luckily, he was fast. Faster than those who chased him. He ran far enough and made his way to a deserted alleyway, completely dark and cold. His body was sore and ached all over. All the worries rushed through his mind as he tried to catch his breath. He knew he was either going to get expelled or suspended from school, the other kids too but that didn't matter one bit right then. If he were suspended, what would happen to his future? His solid future that actually had the chance of coming true before any of this happened. Attend another school? They'd have to move again, and their family wouldn't be able to afford that. What about his parents? Would they have to work twice as hard if they really did have to move? All because of him?

He let out a cry of stress before crouching down, messing up his hair with his frustrated hands. At that moment, he wished he hadn't done what he did. He wished he were just a child again, not having to worry about the future or having to weigh his family's future on his shoulders. He felt pathetic, sick of himself. That was when a faint light appeared at the end of the alleyway. A light that caused him to raise his head from his pitiful state and suddenly forget about all the worries he had.

◈ E X T R A -
-He also goes by the name "Jin".
-Believes hardwork is important but realizes it doesn't always achieve what you want.
-He's willing to be kind to those who are kind to him.
-Was bullied once before in elementary school for being smart; they called him a nerd.
-Not afraid to be judged by others.
-Rather than using his spending money on things like clothes, shoes, or electronics, he'd use them on piercings; the sharp pain releases stress for him.
-He gets serious migraines due to stress.
-He doesn't care too much about fashion but he thinks black clothes suit him best.
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