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U-N-L-O-C-K: Mihara Ayu by Rienu U-N-L-O-C-K: Mihara Ayu by Rienu
Thank you so much for accepting me !! I'm really excited to RP with everyone ahhh shugo chara////// Please feel free to ask me for a RP anytime!! ^ 0 ^ (dA notes work best for me though I can do skype as well!!)

>Name || Mihara, Ayu

>Nickname || N/A

>Age || 15

>Gender || Female

>Birthday || January 26th

>Height/Weight || 163cm/49kg

>Year || 1st year

>Nationality || Japanese

>Roommate/Housemate || N/A

>Club || Cooking Club

>Personality || Mature | Gentle | Selfless | Worrywart | Clumsy | Dense

From the outside, Ayu seems very mature considering her age. She's able to handle situations well, talk to people when necessary with a stern face and attitude, and keep a calm composure. Through her actions and speech, Ayu comes off as gentle and very lady-like as she's always aware of her manners. Selfless is the exact word to describe Ayu. Rather than taking care of herself, she'd rather help others to her best abilites so she doesn't seem like a burden to others. She tucks away all her selfish needs inside her mind and never asks for anything, unknowing that that it self can be a burden; this also pertaining to her own feelings and emotions. Kind of like a grandma, she worries over the slightest troubles and ends up having imaginary scenarios about the worst possible outcome, making her a troublesome worrywart. She's very clumsy at times despite trying to seem adult-like; she tries to keep a calm head though even the littlest stumble can cause her to face plant the floor. During certain situations she can come off as a bit dense. When people try to beat around the bush or try to make her say a certain phrase, she'll have no clue and end up answering in a totally different manner.

>Likes/Dislikes ||
+Grocery shopping
+Quiet Areas (libraries, parks, book stores, cafes, etc!)
+Playing with different hairstyles
+Staying organized
-Feeling helpless
-Her clumsiness
-Being selfish
-Loud voices

>Biography || TLDR; Her mother got divorced and married another man merely 3 years later. Her new father had a son from his previous marriage (also a divorce) whom Ayu had a hard time getting along with at first. After living together for some time, he grew very protective of her and she also grew to treat him well though is still somewhat distant.

Her former name being Harada, Ayu, her parents divorced when she was 3 years old due to constant arguments about money, trust issues, and ultimately caring for their daughter. When they had divorced, Ayu had stayed with her mother due to both her decision and her parents; they had broke off contact with her birth father since. Being a business woman, her mother was transferred to another branch in Honshu, Japan where they had moved into a small apartment. A short year later, it seemed that her mother was seeing a businessman that worked at the same building she did. After her mother had told her she was dating again, she seemed so happy that Ayu couldn't help but want to support her mom. Since the four years of her life, Ayu hadn't seen her mother so happy as she did during the days of dating this man. From time to time, her mother would tell her very simple descriptions of her happiness to her. Ayu had come to know that this man was also divorced, had a son a little older than her, was wealthy, and very kind.

After Ayu was 5, her mother had told her that she was getting married to him. Even at her young age, she became a little shaken, though put on a smile and fully supported her mom as she couldn't help but see how happy this man made her. It had only been 2 years since they broke off contact with her real father, so she wasn't sure if she was ready for another. Even so, she watched her mother get married, dressed beautifully in a white gown and her new father smiling.

During their wedding was the first time she had met her new older brother, Yamato. She had met her new father on a few occasions before, but amazingly she had yet to meet her brother until the big wedding day. After being dressed, her mother came up to her and said "I have someone I want you to meet". She led Ayu to the doorway and her soon-to-be father came out in a suit along with a unfamilar face. Her mother crouched down and placed her hands on Ayu's shoulder, "This is your older brother, Yamato-kun". Looking down at her mom then back at her brother, she was slightly hesitant, but knew she had to put on a smile. She smiled slightly, bowing her head down, "..Nice to" At that age, she didn't speak much, her mother introducing her name and that fact to Yamato as well. After she was introduced, Yamato also bowed his head, being very polite and mannered. This gave her a quite positive impression, although they did not talk much at all during that day.

After getting married, Ayu's parents quickly decided to move in together as it would help the kids be raised in a proper family environment. Her new father had sold off his traditional japanese-styled house in order to move into a modern styled house in a very bright and kind neighborhood. After being used to living with just her mom, it was very difficult to get adjusted into the "family" mood. Most of the times, her past father was either yelling or stressed, her mother as well. It was hard to imagine a household where everything was just so happy. And while her new father was very kind to her, she was extremely uncomfortable around her new brother, Yamato. While he had been polite to her during the wedding, he seemed very resistant to her now that they were living together. She could also understand as she was hesitant herself, though she wasn't sure if the reason Yamato was pulling away from her was from distrust or annoyance.

In her first attempt to get them closer, their mother told Ayu to go grocery shopping during the evening with Yamato but he ultimately refused. She ended up going alone and got lost as the sun began to set. When their father found out she went alone, Yamato got scolded and they both began to look for her. Ayu, trying to stay calm, tried to find her way back by retracing her steps only to fail. She started to panic and had thoughts that she'll never get back home. Before she could cry for long, Yamato found her crouching down as he first checked for any injuries she may have had. He then stated "If you're going to cry, I'll go with you next time." with a "can't be helped" attitude.

In her second attempt, their mother told Ayu to play with Yamato at the nearby park in the neighborhood. Upon asking, he told her "later" due to studying and she ended up going alone regardless. Going to the nearby park, she played on the swings for a little bit. After feeling lonely and not having fun anyways, she decided to go back but ended up tripping while exiting the park. She ended up sobbing quietly as she sat on the concrete floor, wiping her tears away. Feeling guility, Yamato decided to go check up on her and ended up finding her sobbing which gave him flashbacks from the 1st incident. Similar to the 1st time, he looked at her injuries and brushed back her fringe to look at her face, having that helpless expression of his. Bending down on one knee, he helped her stand up by holding both her hands then dusted her clothes off. He particularly noticed her forehead scrape and held her fringe to blow on it. "Does it hurt?" he asked in which she sniffed and shook her head. Being relieved, he then began to worry about her constantly incident after incident.

After years of living together, Ayu slowly warmed up to Yamato as he became quite the protective older brother. He opened up to her more quickly than her, walking her to school, going grocery shopping together, and picking her up when needed. She became more comfortable around him and now calls him by his first name without honorifics though does refer to him as "Onii-san" during certain situations. Though ultimately she does feel a slight barrier between him and her, despite their step sibling relationship. When Yamato was admitted to Seiyo Academy 2 years earlier than her, she too had planned on attending during her high school years. Now that she's been admitted into the Academy, she's looking forward to being able to see her brother more often during school, as well as preparing her heart for the unknown experiences to come.

>Quote || "I don't want to be a burden."
"I'm fine, really. Don't worry about me."

>Relationships ||
Mihara, Yamato - Older step brother (Not blood related). She's been living with him since the age of 6 and has steadily warmed up to him as a younger sister. Though he's grown very protective of her, she stills feels a barrier between him which makes her hesitant to truly call him "brother".

>Extra || TBA

|| GUARDIAN CHARACTER (Unhatched) ||

>Name || TBA

>Gender || TBA

>Would be Self || TBA

>Personality || TBA

>Likes/Dislikes ||TBA

>Quote || TBA

>Voice || TBA

>Extra || TBA
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